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Say Hallo To Our Little Friend...

Welcome a cool new feature to the ToonTown Fellowship Server. Introducing our very own Chat Log. Yes we know we aren't the first server with it, but we've added our own new twists, and provided some new visualization for the Chat Buttons.

You will now find a third chat button in the upper-left area of your screen... It looks just like this little critter right here:

You can now easily recall recent chat messages by selecting this button. There is also an assignable 'hot key' to access the feature. The default is set as F1, but you can reconfigure it to better suite your needs by going to the "Controls" area of your Shticker Book.

PLUS you can configure the number of messages to retain in your local archive by going to the "More Controls" Tab. Just click the yellow button next to "Max Chat Log History Length" and you can choose to keep 5, 15 25 50 or 75 messages in your archive. (The default setting is 25).

For more info on this, and many other features you may not be familiar with, or have simply forgotten, visit out new "Did You Know???" page.

We hope you enjoy the new feature.




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