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Did You Know...??

(Tips and Techniques you can use here on ToonTown Fellowship)

There is a Toon Radar

  • If you open your Shticker Book, on the right-hand side you will see a new icon for Toon Radar.              This will allow you to see any Toons that are in your current District, as long as they have not opted-out of this feature - in which case, they will be undetectable by the radar.

There is a Chat History Button

  • Yep, you can easily scroll back to those missed messages. You can access your most recent messages by using this icon            You will find this by your regular Chat Icons in the upper-left portion of your screen. Or, you can use your "Hot Key" to activate the feature, which can be configured in the "Controls" area of your Shticker Book. If you wish to set the number of messages to hold in the Chat Log, visit the "More Options" area of your Shticker Book.

You Too Can Become a Pro Stunner?

If you visit your "More Options" area of your Shticker Book, you will see a new feature/selection, titled, "Alternate VP Pie Throw". By clicking the yellow button next to it, you will cycle through three settings, Off, On, and Enhanced. Below is an explanation of what each one does:

  • Off - This setting does absolutely nothing... everything is status quo - it DOES say "Off" after all.

  • On - This setting will reconfigure your current "Throw Button" to allow for a slower throw indicator, making it MUCH easier to place that pie where you want. So, whatever the present Throw button is assigned to (as well as the Mouse Button) will be affected in this manner.

  • Enhanced - This little beauty will allow you to define a SECOND button for "Slow Throw". When you turn the Alternate VP Pie Throw to Enhanced, you can then select Alternate Throw (in the "Controls" area of your Shticker Book) and choose whichever button you like to be your slow throw, while RETAINING the normal setting for your original Throw Button. For example - If I leave my regular Throw Button at its default of Delete, I can then go to the Controls area, and select End as my Alternate Throw.

  • This will enable me to access BOTH Normal VP Pie Throw, and the Slower VP Pie Throw, at the same time. You can then take off the training wheels as you become more comfortable, while in battle, without having to finish or leave the current engagement. You will, more easily, master the use of the Throw Button as it was intended, and become a genuine Pie Throwing Pro. Once you have it all under control, you can disable the Slow Throw, and use the expert mode, while gloating to your friends that you can pie better than they can, while offering a robust, "neener-neener." Keep in mind, the Delete and End keys I mentioned here are just examples. You can configure them to be whatever keys you like, in the Controls area.

Toon Battle Laff Meter

  • The Toon Battle Laff Meter is configurable under "More Options" in your Shticker Book. This makes it easy to keep an eye on fellow Toons, to ensure they don't wind up on the playground searching for their contacts. If you find having that additional bubble annoying, you can simply disable it.

Discord Integration

  • You can enable integration with Discord, to let your friends know that you are in ToonTown Fellowship - giving them the opportunity to join you.

Save Your Screenshots

  • You can save your screenshots directly to your Pictures folder. By enabling this feature, your screenies will be saved directly to a folder called "TTF Screenshots". This will save you the hassle of having to navigate and drill down to the pictures in your ToonTown Fellowship installation folder. This feature is also found in your Shticker Book, under "More Options."

You Can Custom Configure Your Keyboard

  • You have the option of customizing the keys of your keyboard, to best suit your needs. Or, you can convert to WASD movement keys - whatever floats your boat. And, if you so decide, you can return to the default settings. All these features can be accessed in your Shticker Book by selecting the "Controls" Tab. There, you will find a list of actions, accompanied by a yellow button to the right of each. Simply select the yellow button you wish to reconfigure, and then choose the key you wish to use for this action.

More Options... (Continued)

In addition to the previously-mentioned items that can be found under your More Options Tab, we have some great features you should be aware of:

  • Battle Camera Mode: This provides an active/panoramic view of your current battles. This is a fun way to see all angles of your surroundings. It's fun... give it a try.

  • Cog Level GUI In-Battle: Enabling this feature will allow you to see cog levels during battle, even when the screen may have normally cut off the area that would normally show this. Pretty useful when you need to keep track of who's who while choosing your gags.

  • Minimize Graphics: If you are experiencing a low FPS rate, you can enable this option to improve performance at the expense of some visual effects

  • Alternative Graphics Engine: If you are experiencing excessive random in-game crashes (that are not related to any internet connection issues), you can try to change this setting and in most cases you might see an improvement. Otherwise, contact our support staff and we will do our best to help.

  • Smoother Animations: This significantly improves the quality of animations (enabled by default). However, if you are experiencing low FPS, this is another setting you might want to try turning off.

We Be Hot Tubbin'

  • After you've achieved some experience in the game, you can actually build a Hot Tub for your Estate, which you can share with your friends. Not only is it fun, relaxing, and just plain cool... It provides quick healing of Laff points after a long-weary battle. 

ToonTown Fellowship has Constant Invasions

  • There are invasions available in two of ToonTown Fellowship's Districts, at ALL times. As well as one District that is invasion-free, to enhance gameplay, tasks and other needs.

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