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ToonTown Fellowship FAQ's

Toontown Fellowship is a new Toontown community and a revival of Disney's Toontown Online, which closed on September 19, 2013. Toontown Fellowship is an open sourced project focused on community feedback and suggestions.

You can sign up easily by choosing THIS LINK. You MUST have a valid email address to ensure validation. We do NOT recommend the emails, as they do not seem to play well with others.

Yes, there will be a MAC launcher. Unfortunately it has been under development for a long time and is taking some fine-tooning to get it "just right". We know this has been a slow and frustrating process, but rest-assured, it's on its way.

Yes, we have a great Chat Room. It DOES require email authentication, so a valid address is necessary. You can meet new friends, chat with old ones, and plan your next cog attack. You will frequently encounter your friendly staff members there, and on special days may even receive a secret code for some VERY special clothing or accessories. You can find the chat room HERE.

Your TTF Staff consists of several, various members from Administrative, to DevelopersModerators, Community Managers and Jolly Beans. Each has their own designated role - and many of them overlap. We strive to maintain a high-level of support to enhance your Toon experience, no matter what your needs are.

Community Managers are a group of in-game Toons that are there to assist you with your tasks and provide support in any reasonable manner. Their primary function is to help newer Toons with the difficult early tasks, when there is nobody around to assist. When you first start buidling your Toon, it can be difficult to find someone to lend a hand... That's what they are there for. You will recognize a Community Manager by the "helping hand" icon above their head. To find out who your community managers are, look HERE.

The Jolly Beans are a special group of young Toons that have been hand-selected and sponsored by staff members, due to their ethics and enthusiasm demonstrated during in-game play. Since we have a minimum age requirement of 18 to be an official Staff Member, the Jolly Beans were created to accommodate the desire to have them assist staff, in spite of that requirement. You will recognize the Jolly Beans by their uniform (a jelly bean shirt and shorts/skirt), they will also have all seven gag tracks and 120 laff. And, most obviously, their name always begins with a "J" and has the last name of Bean (ie Jimmy Bean). If you would like to meet the Jolly Beans, go HERE.

If you are over the age of 18 and would like to apply as a TTF Staff Member, send a message and a brief summary of your qualifications to us HERE.

You can contact TTF Support with any questions, issues, or suggestions by following THIS LINK.

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