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One, Two,Three.... FORE!!!

Okay Toons... Grab your knickers and head for the links.. It's THAT time again!!!

Starting Saturday, March 14, at 5:00 PM, EST, the Second Annual Toon Golf Masters Tournament shall commence!!!

No sign-up required, just be there. Your scores will be automatically tallied, and the top three individuals will win special, commemorative shirts. Scoring for the Toon Masters Tournament will be standard, low-score-wins. Any ties will be determined by the shortest swing time. ONLY your first completed run of each day will count toward your score. Any others would just be practice... Which is a good thing, as well. Plus, you MUST complete all four days to qualify as a full participant of the event.

And you will be able to keep tabs on yours, and everyone else's progress via our special ToonTown Fellowship Toon Masters Golf Leaderboard, available directly through our web site HERE!

Be with us and witness the magical transformation of our meager 9 Hole Course, to the Magnificent 18-Hole Toon Masters Tournament Links. The Toon Masters Golf Tournament will consist of four days of play: Saturday March 14th, Sunday the 15th. And then resuming on Saturday March 21, and again on March 22nd. Each leg of the Tournament will begin at 5:00 pm EST, and end at 12 midnight, PST. This will allow for FOUR separate days of play.

And THEN, commencing Saturday, March 28th, at Noon, EST, begins the Second Annual ToonTown Fellowship Toon Golf Extravaganza...

Basically, a free-for-all, with prizes for the top three scoring individuals. In this event, the HIGH score will take first place. The scoring is set up on a system gauging the difficulty of the course, etc. The harder, the more points, etc.

So, join us at the Golf Courses in Hollandia, at noon on Saturday, March 14, to watch the amazing transmogrification of our Toon Links, and join in on the fun.



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