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I Can't Believe We Made It!

Why do I feel as if the entire planet just finished a grueling Ironman competition?

2020, quite literally, kicked the living crud out of EVERYBODY.. And I'm glad to see it behind us.. Mostly because it means that 2021 now lies ahead, with much more hope and promise. So here's hoping the coming year is golden...

But seriously, there were good things, along with the bad, but it's an effort to bring them to mind...

One thing is for sure - you all made if so much better. No matter what, there was always those shiny, happy faces to see here in our beloved ToonTown Fellowship. Always certain to bring a smile to my face.

So, with that being said, Happy New Year, to you all, from all of us here at ToonTown Fellowship. May the year bring the best to you and yours.

Keep a good thought, and be sure to keep a smile on your face. If nothing else, it will make everyone wonder what you're up to.

Happy New Year,



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