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What the World Needs Now....

Well, aside from a glass of Root Beer and Slice of Pizza.. it needs, MORE BOSS BATTLES!!!

And how do we get more Boss Battles... well, WE HAVE MINI-THONS!!!!!

I know, I know.... "It's about time, Mickey... What took you guys so long???"

Well, to be honest... we wanted to get it "just right"... Not "sorta right", or "almost right"... but "JUST right..."

So, with that being said, beginning Saturday, September 5, 2020, at 12 Noon, Pacific Time, we will conduct monthly Mini-Thons the first weekend of each month. (Yes, the entire weekend - Saturday and Sunday, 12 noon until 4PM PST.) The events will take place in Nutty Kitty (with Nutty Glacier as a backup).

We will rotate the battle spree starting with VP for the first weekend (Saturday AND Sunday) the following month will be, CFO, then CJ and finally CEO. And then do it all over again... Until we get dizzy...

BUT, to help alleviate the ill-effects of all that dizziness.. The-Powers-That-Be, have deemed it fair to compensate all participants with increased rewards during each event... And we aren't just talking itty-bitty little pats on the back... We're talking the Good Stuff!!!!

As an added bonus (to better facilitate a quick recovery and return to battle) we will have the "Enhanced Promotion and Experience Holiday" features running simultaneously throughout each Mini-Thon weekend, in the participating districts.

So, we hope to see you all there.... Bring your Toons, friends, friends of friends, friends of Toons.. aunts, uncles... any body you can grab off the road.... Just be there... With bells on.. or off.. Whatever suits ya.

Until then... Be Good Toons!!!



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