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We Did It!!!

Congratulations Toons... we have successfully recovered all of our ValenToon Treasures from those rotten Cogs.

Yes, it took a few days, and there were many, many setbacks. But we persevered, and ultimately prevailed - thanks to the many Toons who contributed to the cause.

It is worth noting that we recovered a total of 32,140 treasures, altogether. Yes, you read it correctly.. Thirty-two Thousand, One-Hundred and Forty!!! That's a LOT of treasures.. And now, it is all safe and sound in our districts and such, lending their healing power to our battle-weary Toon warriors.

We need to acknowledge Night Owl, who delivered the final package of recovered Treasures, to bring an end to this nightmare, and restore all items to their proper place. As a reward, he received a one-of-a-kind shirt, commemorating the event. In addition, the top Five contributors will receive their own special shirt, from the Toon Activities Board, in appreciation for their hard work and dedication. These noble Toons are:

  1. buckeye 901 Treasures Recovered

  2. Koalafied 657 Treasures Recovered

  3. Pete 618 Treasures Recovered

  4. Burnaby Mouse 580 Treasures Recovered

  5. Mouse Pad 523 Treasures Recovered

We need to thank the intrepid ToonTown Developement Team for concocting, writing, hashing-out, creating new clothing and bringing this event to us in the first place. Many hours of writing, re-writing, design, and decision-making, were put into this... all in the background.

Also, the ToonTown Fellowship Testing Team needs a round (or two, or three) of applause for their time and input - making this a relatively bug-free event.

And last, but not least, we need to thank punchual, our behind-the-scenes modeler, who creates the frames that some of our special, in-game items are built around. (Such as the top hat for the new Tuxedo, and the new Lady's Hat.) The frames are the basis which our textures (colors and patterns) are applied to, so that they have a 3D effect. Many of the items we use would not be possible without this contribution. So a round of applause and many thanks for their time and patience, helping us get it "just right".

So, with that all said.. Thank You ALL for making this a GREAT event. It was loads of fun, and we hope to see all of you again for our next adventure.

As you know, we have much more in store for you. So, stay Tooned, stay active, and stay nice...

Be Good Toons!!!



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