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Uber Awareness!!!

So, how many of you out there have considered creating an Uber Toon, but was conflicted over the difficulty of maintaining the required laff level to retain your status in Uberdom officially?? Raise your paws, flap your wings, or exercise whatever appendage you may possess.....

Well, your friends and family here at ToonTown Fellowship have found the path to Uber freedom.. Presenting the brand new, shiny, sparkling and effervescent Uber Panel!!!

From now on, when you create a new Toon, you will be presented with the option of entering the Toontorial, or "Continue and Choose Your Toon's Features". Keep in mind, you MUST have at least ONE other Toon on the account, that has gone through the Toontorial, to be able to access this feature.

If you choose the Toontorial, you will be greeted with the regular encounters and setup for your standard Toon. HOWEVER, if you are brave (or crazy) enough to select the other option, you will be presented with a selection panel, from which you can design your very own Uber or Challenge Toon.

For those of you who do not know what an Uber is... it is basically a low-laff, limited-track-and-gags Toon, that many of the less-stable members here will create to challenge their overall Toon skills. Your other option would be to create, what we lovingly refer to here as, a "Challenge Toon." This can be whatever you like. It does not have to fall into any particular limit category... It is whatever you want to create, to amuse yourself.

To be clear, this just sets up your new Toon to be limited to the laff, gag tracks and pouch sizes. It will NOT automatically create a Toon already equipped with those specific traits. You must work your Toon, just as always, and obtain the levels you've indicated.

The advantage to this lovely new panel is that, once your Toon is created here, it will be locked into the limits set forth in the creation process. So, no matter how many fish you catch, how many holes in one you make, or how many flowers you plant, your laff will NOT exceed the limits assigned to your Toon. Ergo, you will always remain a lovely little Uber.. or whatever you desire.

Now, we know that Toons can be fickle creatures.. and at SOME point, you may wish to either become a higher-level Uber, or just forfeit the condition all together... Well, fear not... We have (currently in development) a feature which will allow you to do just that... (At a cost, of course.. hehehe) So, hang in there, and that portion of the new feature will be made available in the very near future.

And last, but certainly not least, there are those of you who are sitting there.. banging their Toon-heads on their Toon-keyboard, bemoaning the fact that they have already created, and worked a Toon, to the Uber status they desire.. Well, don't get your fur/feathers in a bunch... We will also be rolling out a registration process, through which you can "register" your existing Toon, or Uber (it does not HAVE to be an Uber) and lock it in the same way as if you had created it through the Uber Panel. This, too, will be at a cost... (C'mon.. .nothing's free..)

So, there ya have it... More goodies to carry us through this wonderful disaster we all call 2020.

And, as we have said before... there are still MANY more things coming your way.. So, remain as awesome as you are.... and

Be Good Toons,



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