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Two Pie, or Not Two Pie....

That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.... OR, you can just learn how to close-up stun... Yep, you read correctly... Your intrepid Dev Group here at ToonTown Fellowship, has devised a method by which you can FINALLY learn how to expertly toss those pies into that rapidly disappearing VP chamber...

So... just HOW do we accomplish that magical feat... It's easy, young Padawan... sit back, feel the Force... and listen...

As you well know, the timing to successfully lob a pie into the gaping VP pie-hole can be a bit tricky... IF ONLY there was a way to just slow it down... ever so slightly... JUST enough to give one time to get the hang of the process....

Well, say no more... ToonTown Fellowship now has a feature that is built just for YOU!!! If you visit your "More Options" area of your Shticker Book, you will see a new feature/selection, titled, "Alternate VP Pie Throw".

By clicking the yellow button next to it, you will cycle through three settings, Off, On, and Enhanced. Below is an explanation of what each one does:

  • Off - This setting does absolutely nothing... everything is status quo - it DOES say "Off" after all.

  • On - This setting will reconfigure your current "Throw Button" to allow for a slower throw indicator, making it MUCH easier to place that pie where you want. So, whatever the present Throw button is assigned to (as well as the Mouse Button) will be affected in this manner.

  • Enhanced - This little beauty will allow you to define a SECOND button for "Slow Throw". When you turn the Alternate VP Pie Throw to Enhanced, you can then select Alternate Throw (in the "Controls" area of your Shticker Book) and choose whichever button you like to be your slow throw, while RETAINING the normal setting for your original Throw Button. For example - If I leave my regular Throw Button at its default of Delete, I can then go to the Controls area, and select End as my Alternate Throw.

  • This will enable me to access BOTH Normal VP Pie Throw, and the Slower VP Pie Throw, at the same time. You can then take off the training wheels as you become more comfortable, while in battle, without having to finish or leave the current engagement. You will, more easily, master the use of the Throw Button as it was intended, and become a genuine Pie Throwing Pro. Once you have it all under control, you can disable the Slow Throw, and use the expert mode, while gloating to your friends that you can pie better than they can, while offering a robust, "neener-neener." Keep in mind, the Delete and End keys I mentioned here are just examples. You can configure them to be whatever keys you like, in the Controls area.

So, there you have it, Fellow Toons. Yet another brilliant, wonderfully creative, and just plain cool feature, brought to you by the minds here at ToonTown Fellowship.

If you have ANY questions, or encounter any problems, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Have fun, and always remember,

Be Good Toons



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