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Things That Go Bump In My Yard

Ya know that pesky little mound of dirt that was always left over when after you had planted all your trees??? And remember when those mean and wicked Admins and Devs took it away??

Well, you can put away your voodoo dolls and remove our pictures from your dart boards... Because THEY'RE BACK BABY!!!

Oh, and they aren't just back.. they are back, and BETTER!!! "How So?" you might ask... Well, let me tell you..... That mysterious Eighth mound of dirt that was all-too-often mistaken as a gopher hole, can now be used to plant ANY level 7 gag that you have available in your inventory. As long as you have the previous seven planting spots occupied properly, you can now use the remaining spot to plant ANY level 7 gag you have. So how is THAT for kissing boo-boos and making it all better??

But WAIT!!! We aren't done yet... It has been a constant source of frustration, to many of us, to be reminded (in the heat of battle) that we only have 2 TNT gags at our disposal... Well, the Powers-That-Be (and the recommendation of certain staff members) have seen fit to make all things equal, and increase that number to correspond with the other level 6 gags. So, effective immediately, you can carry 3 TNT gags, in your pouch...

So, what do ya think?? Does this deserve an 'Atta boy' or what??

But, on a serious note... These are changes we have been wanting to put in place for a while, and they have finally come up in the pecking order. We have MANY things on the drawing board, so keep your peepers open... We have much to do...

And, once again, we need to thank ALL of you for making this the greatest little ToonTown server on Earth.



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