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It's about time that we mention and appreciate the silent heroes here on ToonTown Fellowship.

There are MANY hours of time and dedication spent keeping this site up and providing you with design and development of great content and updates, on the go fixes, etc...

But NONE of that would be possible without our amazing team of Beta Testers!! Unfortunately it would be inappropriate to put them all on blast here, but you all know who you are.... They relentlessly push, prod, poke, punch and pull at our releases, long before they see the light of day on our actual live game.

If it weren't for them, then every day would be catastrophic, and we would never even be able to get through one minute of game play without a crash and burn.

So... to our faithful and relentless Testers... Thank You!!

Also, NONE of these new developments would be complete, and nearly as fun and appealing if it weren't for out amazing new Senior Art Director, Sabrina. She painstakingly spent hours developing all the gorgeous store purchase icons for the most recent release of our Backpack, as well as the artwork for the "Up Close and Personal" post of August 22. She is heavily involved in basically ALL the new graphics development and creation for our projects. And without her talent, time and dedication, it would simply fall flat.

She is presently working on a bright and shiny new set of backgrounds for our Holiday Jumbles as well, which you will be seeing VERY soon. So look for her name and mention in our posts of future developments and releases.

Just remember, there is a LOT that goes into bringing this all to you, and sometimes we just seem to overlook those that deserve our gratitude.

So, once again... THANK YOU!!!!

Your Senior Staff,

Mickey, Maxwell and Perdita



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