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An Early Christmas Gift!

Hey gang... we have an early Christmas Gift and exciting new feature to share with you all...

From now on, if you need to get to your favorite, scheduled ToonTown Fellowship Boss Battle, you no longer have to friend our local Taxi Toons...

All you need is to have the required suit, and be within 20 minutes of the actual Boss Run. With those requirements met, a button will magically appear in your Shticker book, right next to the Home and/or Playground buttons.

Use this button for easy Teleporting to the next scheduled event. Your shiny and new ToonTown Fellowship Taxi will be there to receive you, free of charge.. no tip required.

The Taxi will call the correct time to enter, and offer a couple of reminders. There is no need to worry about the next event, because an appropriate button will appear at the correct time (20 minutes prior) for whatever event is next on the posted schedule.

At this time, we will rely on you good Toons to determine if and when a 'split' is necessary, and choose the proper balance of Toons and Toon strengths. Nothing is perfect, but that's what makes the game exciting and interesting.

We hope you enjoy the new feature. It will free up some room on your Friends List, and make things much easier for you all.



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