• Mickey

A Tisket A Tasket...

Find goodies for your basket....

And while you're at it... win some cool new prizes for your efforts.

Beginning this Saturday, April 11, at 10:00 AM Eastern, and continuing through Easter Sunday, April 12th, at Midnight, PST. Keep your peepers open as you walk through Hollandia.. Because there will be some special items hidden in all kinds of interesting places.

Join us for our First Annual Easter Toon Egg Hunt!!! Look high.. Look low... They will be EVERYWHERE.. and some places that won't be all that easy to get to.. But, fear not.. THERE IS A WAY!!!!

And be ever-diligent when looking for the prized Mystery Golden Egg... You'll know it when you see it... if you get my drift. (And don't worry, there's more than one.)

There will be one point awarded for each egg discovered, and a bonus of 10 points for locating the Golden Egg.

Anyone that participates will be awarded a special Easter Toon Shirt, inspired by our very own Lightning McQueen. And the Top Egg Hunter will be awarded a special, custom, personalized T-shirt. Made to their own specifications, with their choice of color(s), name / picture, of whatever they like (within reason, of course) emblazoned on it.

So, be there when the fun begins... Saturday, April 11th, 10:00 AM, EST.


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