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A Hot Time in the Old Tub Tonight

It had to happen... decadence has finally crept into our quaint, quiet little Toon community. Apparently Toon Engineers have made a special Laffing Tub available to you all.

For those of you that are observant, you may have noticed an addition to the chalkboard blueprints in the HQ Offices. A little item called "The Laffing Tub". This incredible little creation has some very unique properties, in that you can quickly heal from battles (regain laff) simply by enjoying a good soak, along with (up to) three of your friends. (For a total of four Toons at once, max.)

After completing this new task, you will receive your own Laffing Tub (rental, that is) for a 30-day period. Once you have completed the task, and received your Tub Rental, you are able to repeat it, and restart the 30 day period at any time. So, let's say you have 3 days left on your tub rental, and you complete the task again, the rental period will start over, at 30 days, from that point.

Also, there are some extra 'goodies' added to the task reward, to help you better enjoy your 'tubbing experience'.

So, from the staff, designers, testers, developers, sidewalk superintendents and the powers-that-be here at ToonTown Fellowship, we proudly present to all of you that have completed all of the Donald's Dreamland tasks, "The Laffing Tub"!!

This new feature will be available Saturday, July 27th, 2019. Just visit any HQ Office and check available tasks.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, or experience any difficulties.

Good luck, enjoy, and above all,

Be Good Toons


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