• Mickey

The Cost of Toon Living

Well, as one would expect, inflation has finally caught up with ToonTown Fellowship. Gag prices have gone up. As we all know, Jellybeans are rather plentiful here at ToonTown Fellwoship, and to be perfectly honest, they aren't worth beans anymore... (see what I did there?)

But seriously, in order to add some actual "value" to the jellybeans, we have increased the cost of gags, proportionately with the gag level. (ie: a level 1 gag will cost you 1 bean, level 2 - 2 beans, etc...)

This is all done with the best interest of the game at heart. We want to keep this server full of fun, and enough challenges to make it interesting, but not so many as to make it unbearable, or so easy it's taken for granted...

So with that said... let us know if you have any problems or questions.


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