• Mickey

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary......

How does your Estate Garden grow??? Wait! What? Estate Garden?? What on Earth is an Estate Garden? (Well, I'm glad you asked...)

As you are all painfully aware, we have had to do without the floral beautification of our Estates. (The flower gardening was broke!) And, being sensitive to your plight... Your intrepid Dev Team has used their magic to invoke the new Estate Garden...

In other words, as of Friday, May 24, your Estates will now have a centrally-located garden that is accessible to all Toons on the estate. The following rules apply, as far as planting and picking goes: Anyone (Estate members and guests/friends) can water, but only members of the existing Estate can plant or pick. And since it is a common garden, the Estate members may pick each other's flowers.

We hope you enjoy the additions. There are a few more surprises coming to the Estates soon.. .So keep your eyes open... and as always...

Be Good Toons!!!


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