• Mickey

Listen (do-wah-do) Do You Want To Know A Secret? (do-wah-do)....

TOONS!!!!! We have some very exciting news for all of you. Your Decidedly Dedicated and Dutiful Design and Development Toon Team have been working very hard in the background... late at night, while you are all tucked away snug as bugs in your beds.... And, as a result, COMING THIS FRIDAY (2-8-19) we will be introducing a Bright and Shiny NEW TOON TASK!!!

This beauty is unique, has some fun features you haven't seen before in tasks, and offers the reward of Teleportation Access to Acorn Acres... But WAIT!!!! There's more.... But we will let that be one of the many surprises.

So, here's what you need to know... If you have already completed ALL of the required Toon Tasks, and have nothing remaining but "Just For Fun" tasks, all you have to do is (very slyly) approach Enigmeow in ToonTown Central, to begin your quest... He will help you along from there.

But it is gonna be just a little bit tricky here folks.... Enigmeow is NOT going to just GIVE you the task... you must earn it.. And you will do so by solving the riddle that he will whisper to you.

We can't give you hints, or help you with this... What we CAN tell you is that it begins in ToonTown Central, and the starting location is a place you have not ever visited as a part of any task.

Once you solve the riddle, report to the proper location and you will be off and running. But keep your eyes open, and make sure you pay attention to ALL the instructions. You never know when there may be something a little sneaky added in along the way.

Keep in mind, these are some complicated tasks and challenges, and you should be prepared to work together as a team!!!

So, here is why we started this post with the reference to Secrets... Once you have solved the riddle, you can certainly give the answer to all your friends, and make it easy on them.... OR, you can make them work for it like you did. So, in order to maintain the fun for EVERYONE, we ask that you at least TRY to keep the riddle solution to yourself, and allow others to work it out. We understand we are asking for the impossible, but give it a try... Let's make it fun for all!!!

So, that's it guys.. We hope you love it as much as we did creating it for you. There were a LOT of people involved in the development, design, testing, writing, fixing, debugging, hair-pulling, agonizing, and they ALL deserve a hearty 'Thank You'.

Of Course, there will be bugs and such. We have done our best to thoroughly test the quest, and hope we have caught everything. But, in the event that we did not, please take a screen shot, and provide us with as much information as you can to help us locate and correct the problem.

Remember, this Task will be available THIS FRIDAY. Do not attempt to locate it until then.

So stay tooned, we have some exciting contests coming in the next few weeks, that your new found reward will come in handy with.

Thanks again for being the amazing group you are...

Be Good Toons,


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